About US

At Bonfire Bread we believe customers should be able to purchase healthy and flavoursome bread at a reasonable price free of nasty additives. To make our belief a reality the core of our business involves producing all our breads using organic certified flour. Using organic flour as a base, all our breads are made from scratch and baked fresh every day giving us total control over what goes into our breads.


From our belief we create breads that are popular and affordable for the whole family to enjoy. Part of our range includes traditional organic breads made up of organic stoneground whole wheat, organic kibble grain and organic white. Beyond our traditional range we produce a wide variety of specialty breads from our focaccia and sourdough range. For the sweet tooth we have a range of cookies that include Anzacs cookies made with organic spelt, several variations of homemade chocolate chip cookies, bombolini and muffins.