Our Organic Bread Range

Bonfire Bread making traditional breads healthy again. We only use organic flour in our breads and we have an extensive range of products using organic stoneground flour.

48 hour organic sourdough
stone ground whole wheat loaf

Our Ingredients

All our breads are made from organic flour. While its not possible to use all organic ingredients in our products we strongly believe in sourcing from local, ethical and sustainable producers were possible.

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organic white sourdough

Our Products

We have an extensive range of organic sourdoughs produced the tradition way with no added commercial yeast. Our range includes spelt and rye, wholegrain, kalamata olive and rosemary, fig and fruit and white.

Our traditional range includes organic white, organic seven grain kibble, stoneground wholemeal. All our organic traditional breads ferment over a long time frame with minimal added yeast to bring out the unique flavours of the organic flours. In addition, our baking methods produce breads with an exceptionally long shelf life without the need for added nasty preservatives.

Our specialty range includes tasty focaccia made the traditional Italian way from a two day fermenting process. Other specialties include our own signature loaf the Bonfire Kibble loaf packed with 65% organic seven grain kibble mix.

For the sweet tooth we have home made muffins, chock chip cookies and Anzac biscuits made with organic spelt flour to name a few.